New Limited Edition Grado Heritage Series GH2
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Universal Remote MX3000 touchscreen remote offers understandable controls and a new standard in use and comfort. Replacing a clutter of controls on the coffee table.

The BDP-S7200 4K Blu-ray player, subtlety takes center stage, transforming movies, TV shows, and music. And with super Wi-Fi, you can stream seamlessly from the Web too. See every precise detail with 4K upscaling of your favorite DVDs and Blu-ray™ Discs
Hand built tube amplifiers. Impressive modern looks, stylish colors. The Amp One has the smooth, silky and detailed sound for which good single ended tube amps are famous.
The Amp Two (not pictured) also available.
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For the full cinema-like experience,the T305 is impressively slim for a home theater sound system, and the suspension adds nothing to the speakers’ height. These speaker dimensions perfectly complement the latest flat-screen TVs, looking stylish without compromising on hi-fi quality in the least.
Sennheiser 840-TV Wireless personal listening system
The wireless HiFi system.
•Wirelessly manage all your music
•Create playlists for anywhere in your home
•Organize everything you listen to in one place
•Individually control the volume in every room. Start with one music player or BRIDGE connected to your router, and then you can expand the system wirelessly everywhere.
Klipsch RF7 II
The ultimate in Reference Series performance, the RF-7 II tower speaker lets you experience the true power, detail and emotion of cinematic spectacles and concert performances from the comforts of home.
HSi 470
2-Way 6-1/2" In-Ceiling Speaker featuring:. Pivoting 1-inch Boston designed Kortec tweeter
6-1/2-inch Boston Deep Channel® woofer
Easy-install features for existing walls or ceilings

Protects and preserves your collection of records, tape, CD/DVD's or stylus for generations.
The DP-300F includes a built-in phono equalizer to connect the player to an integrated amp or receiver that does not have its own phono input. It comes with a MM cartridge so that you can begin to enjoy your analog record collection as soon as you connect the DP-300F to your home hi-fi system.
Denon 300F turntable
Xtremely professional-grade. XEO4, from the finest studios in the world right into your living room.
The XEO4 is a wireless, remote controlled actively powered loudspeaker.
Dynaudio C1 compact speakers
Dynaudio’s tradition of producing incredible compact speakers, the C1 II serves as an ideal building-block for any high-end music or home theater system.
Rega is an award winning UK designer and manufacturer of top quality audio gear known for it's simplicity of design and beauty of sound.
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The truest sound and vision has been the foundation of Straight Wire for over 30 years via our award-winning premium Audio Video cables.
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AV Cabinets
Marantz PM6006
The PM6006 is an upgraded successor of the multi-award-winning PM6005. We've retained the pre-amp and power-amp sections that exclusively feature discrete components - not a single IC in sight of the signal path.

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Glow Audio Hand built tube amplifiers Sonos Wireless Speaker system hhf08-20018004.jpg
The Nitty Gritty record cleaning system has established itself as an essential component in every hi-fi system. It's able to rid a record's surface of film, grease, residue, and dust while it eliminates static electricity and leaves a purified vinyl disc.
Set 840-TV is an RF stereo TV personal listening system that is ideally suited for wireless listening in your house or in your yard. Whether you are watching a TV program or listening to sophisticated classical music, Set 840-TV is sure to provide excellent sound.
PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amp PrimaLuna Premium Integrated Amp

            ProLogue Premium Integrated Amp
Excellent build quality like point to point wiring. Premium parts like Alps Blue Velvet Volume Control. Custom wound output transformers for super wide bandwidth and REAL bass that has punch and follow-through. Engineering like Adaptive AutoBias, Bad Tube Indicator, Super Quiet Relay source selection instead of cheap switches.

                     Heritage Series GH2
Grado is excited to introduce the Second Limited Edition of the Heritage Series. Cocobolo, known for fine instruments, furniture and those chess sets that look too nice to touch, is some of the most beautiful and tonally pleasing woods we have ever used.

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The Samsung KS9800 flagship Curved 4K SUHD TV redefines the premium viewing experience with our revolutionary Quantum Dot Color technology that delivers a High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture regardless of room-light interference.